Keep Owlift Clean

Welcome to our page on keeping our prompts clean! We believe that a positive and respectful community is key to fostering a productive and enjoyable learning experience.

That’s why we have strict guidelines in place to ensure that our prompts are free of offensive language and hate speech. Our team actively monitors all prompts and comments, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for any language or behavior that is disrespectful or harmful.

Additionally, we have banned certain words from being used on the site. We understand that sometimes these words may be used in a harmless or educational context, but we want to create a safe space for all users. Especially young adults and children. 

These words include racial slurs, homophobic slurs, and other forms of hate speech. We will remove any prompts or comments that use these words.

We want to remind all users that we welcome a diversity of perspectives and ideas but we will not tolerate any kind of abuse, hate speech, or discrimination.

We believe that by creating a clean and respectful environment, we can foster a community where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and sharing their knowledge.