Why some people aren’t compatible


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Why some people aren’t compatible
It’s normal for people to not get along sometimes. That’s because people have different personalities, interests, and values that don’t always match. It’s like when two pieces of a puzzle don’t fit together – they don’t go together, even if you try really hard to make them fit. For example, maybe one person likes to stay home and watch movies, while another person likes to go out and be active. That doesn’t mean they can’t be friends, it just means they might not be compatible when it comes to hanging out and doing things together. Another example is when two people have different values. Maybe one person believes in helping others, while the other person believes in taking care of themselves. They might not be compatible if they don’t agree on how to interact with the world. Fun Fact: Did you know that the average person will meet over 10,000 people in their lifetime? That means that you’ll have plenty of chances to find someone who is compatible with you!