Why is the sky blue


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Why is the sky blue
The sky is blue because of the way sunlight interacts with the air. The air molecules in the atmosphere scatter the blue light from the sun more than they scatter the other colors. This makes the sky look blue. For example, if you look at a rainbow, you can see all the different colors of light, including blue. When the sun’s light passes through the atmosphere, the blue light is scattered in all directions. This is why we can see a blue sky during the day. Another way to think about it is to imagine all the light from the sun like a big flashlight. When the light from the flashlight passes through a foggy room, it scatters in all directions. This is why the room looks foggy. Similarly, when the light from the sun passes through the atmosphere, it scatters in all directions, making the sky look blue. Fun Fact: The blue sky on Earth is actually much brighter than a blue sky on Mars. On Mars, the atmosphere is much thinner, which makes the sky look much darker and more purple than the sky on Earth.