Which language we use for DBMS


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Which language we use for DBMS
Database Management System (DBMS) is a program or set of programs used to create, store and manage databases. It is a system for organizing and managing data in a computer. We use Structured Query Language (SQL) to communicate with a DBMS. This language allows us to store, modify and access data in the database. For example, if you want to store information about your friends, you can use a DBMS to quickly and easily store their names, ages, and contact information. Then, you can use SQL commands to search the database and find their contact information. An analogy to help you understand the concept is a library. The librarian uses a card catalog system to store and organize the books in the library. Similarly, a DBMS stores and organizes information in a database, so you can use SQL to find the information you need. Fun Fact: The world’s largest DBMS is Oracle. It processes over 40,000 transactions per second and stores over 60 terabytes of data.