whats the strongest dnd character in 5e?


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whats the strongest dnd character in 5e?
A Dungeons & Dragons character is like a superhero, but with special abilities and unique powers. In 5th Edition, the strongest character is usually one that has been built specifically to be powerful. This means they are usually a fighter, a wizard, or a cleric – all classes that have access to powerful spells and abilities. For example, a fighter might have a magical sword that deals extra damage, or a wizard might have a spell that can create a wall of fire. Clerics can heal and protect their allies, while also casting powerful attack spells. In general, a strong character needs to be built with a good combination of spells and abilities. It also helps to have a high score in the ability score that affects their class (such as Strength for a fighter, or Wisdom for a cleric). Fun Fact: The strongest character in 5th Edition is actually a construct called the Warforged Colossus, built in a secret underground foundry by the mad wizard Halaster Blackcloak.