what is office design innovation


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what is office design innovation
Office design innovation is when companies and businesses change the way their offices look and function to make them more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable to work in. For example, Google offices have nap pods and slides, so that employees can take a break and have some fun. In another example, some companies are using flexible seating arrangements, where people can choose to work in teams, or alone, depending on the task at hand. Statistics show that employee satisfaction is directly linked to office design. In fact, studies have shown that when workers feel they have a say in how their workspaces are designed, they are 11% more productive and 15% more satisfied with their jobs! It’s like a house. If you don’t like the way it’s laid out, it’s hard to be comfortable and productive. However, if you can change the furniture around and make it feel more like home, it’s a lot easier to get things done. Fun fact: The first cubicles were invented in 1967 and were originally intended to give office workers more privacy!