what is ion in lithium ion battery


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what is ion in lithium ion battery
A lithium ion battery is a type of battery that uses a chemical reaction to store energy. It is commonly used in many portable devices like cell phones, tablets and laptops. The battery has two main parts: the cathode and the anode. The cathode is the positive end and is usually made from a lithium material. The anode is the negative end and is usually made from a carbon material. Ions are atoms or molecules that have a positive or negative charge. When a lithium ion battery is charged, the lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode. When you use the battery, the ions move back to the anode. This movement of ions back and forth creates electricity which powers your device. An analogy to help you understand is to think of a lithium ion battery like a bucket. When you fill the bucket with water it is like charging the battery. When you use the water in the bucket, it is like using the battery. The water in the bucket is like the ions in the battery – they move around to create energy. Fun Fact: The lithium ion battery is the most popular type of battery today!