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what is http
Alright kiddo, so you know when you’re playing on your tablet or computer and you type in a website like “www.youtube.com” to watch your favorite cat videos? Well, that “http” thing you see in front of the website address stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It’s basically a fancy way of saying it’s the rules that let your device talk to the website and show you all the cool stuff on it. Think of it like this: HTTP is like the secret handshake between your device and the website. It’s what makes sure everything runs smoothly and you can see all the videos, games, and memes you love so much. Fun fact: HTTP was invented way back in 1989 by a dude named Tim Berners-Lee, who wanted to make it easier for people to share information on the internet. So, next time you’re scrolling through your favorite website, just remember that HTTP is the unsung hero making it all possible.