What is happiness for you?


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What is happiness for you?
Happiness is a feeling of joy and contentment that makes you feel good inside. It’s like when you’re playing with your favorite toy or spending time with your best friend and you feel really happy and smiley. For example, when you get a good grade on a test or score a goal in a soccer game, that can make you feel happy. Studies have shown that spending time with loved ones, doing things you enjoy, and helping others can all lead to increased happiness. Did you know that research has found that people who practice gratitude and mindfulness tend to be happier overall? This means that being thankful for the good things in your life and being present in the moment can help you feel happier. So, happiness is like a warm hug from a friend or a big scoop of your favorite ice cream – it’s a feeling that makes you feel really good and brings a smile to your face.