What is force


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What is force
Force is an influence that can cause an object to change its motion, a shape, or a physical system. It can cause an object with mass to change its velocity by accelerating or decelerating it, or can cause a flexible object to deform and change the shape. A common example of a force is gravity. The force of gravity pulls objects to the ground. It is a constant force and acts on all objects equally. Another example would be friction, which is a force that opposes motion when two surfaces rub against each other. In physics, force is often measured in Newtons (N). One Newton is the force required to accelerate one kilogram of mass at one meter per second squared. Force is also a vector quantity, which means that it has both a magnitude and a direction. The magnitude of the force is the amount of force that is being applied, and the direction is the way in which the force is being applied. An analogy to better understand the concept of force is to think of a hand pushing a car. The hand is the force, and the direction it is pushing the car is the direction of the force. The strength of the hand pushing on the car is the magnitude of the force. Fun Fact: The gravitational force between two objects is much weaker than the normal forces. For example, the force of gravity between two people is around 10-9 N, while the normal force between them is around 100 N.