What is blockchain


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What is blockchain
Blockchain is like a big, digital record book that keeps track of all of the transactions that happen between two people or companies. It’s like a big digital ledger that records every transaction and stores a copy of it on many computers, so that it can’t be changed or manipulated. Think about it like a bank account: you can send money to someone, and the bank keeps track of it. Or you can buy something online, and the store keeps track of it. Blockchain is like a bank or store that everyone can access, and it keeps track of all of the transactions that are happening. An example of how blockchain works is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency, and the blockchain is the system that keeps track of who owns the Bitcoin and how much each person has. Blockchain makes it easier for people to send and receive money online without needing a bank. Here’s a fun fact: the blockchain is so secure that it’s almost impossible to hack. That means that you can trust that your transactions are safe and secure.