what is Azure Cloud Shell






what is Azure Cloud Shell
Azure Cloud Shell is a browser-based shell experience provided by Microsoft Azure that allows users to manage resources in the cloud using either Bash or PowerShell commands. It eliminates the need to install and configure the command-line tools on your local machine, as everything runs in the cloud within a browser window. One analogy to help understand Azure Cloud Shell is comparing it to a virtual computer within your web browser. Just like how you can access a computer remotely through a web browser, Azure Cloud Shell provides a virtual environment where you can execute commands and manage your Azure resources without the need to install any software locally. One verifiable fact about Azure Cloud Shell is that it comes pre-installed with commonly used tools such as Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, Git, and more, making it easier for users to manage their cloud resources efficiently. For example, suppose you want to deploy a virtual machine in Azure using Azure Cloud Shell. Instead of having to install Azure CLI on your local machine, you can simply open Azure Cloud Shell, run the necessary commands, and the virtual machine will be created in your Azure subscription. Overall, Azure Cloud Shell provides a convenient and efficient way for users to manage their Azure resources without the hassle of installation and configuration.