What is ampathy


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What is ampathy
Empathy is when you can understand and share the feelings of another person. You can feel what they are feeling and understand why they feel like that. For example, if your friend is sad about something that happened to them, you can understand why they are feeling sad and feel sad yourself too. An analogy to help you understand empathy is to think of it like a hug. When someone gives you a hug, it can make you feel better because you know that the other person cares about you and understands how you are feeling. Empathy is like that hug, but without physical contact. Stats show that having empathy for others has many positive effects. Studies have shown that people with strong empathy skills tend to be more successful in their relationships and have better friendships. A fun fact about empathy is that some animals, like dogs, are actually capable of feeling empathy towards their owners and other animals. They can sense when someone is sad or scared and react accordingly.