What did accomplish expresionsts?


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What did accomplish expresionsts?
Expressionists were a group of artists who used their artwork to express their emotions. They used bright colors and bold lines to express their inner feelings and ideas. Expressionists wanted to show the world how they felt, rather than what they saw. For example, the artist Vincent van Gogh used colors to express his emotions. He used bright yellows and oranges to show the joy he felt, and dark blues and greens to show the sadness he felt. He used thick brush strokes to show the intensity of his emotions. Statistically, Expressionism was one of the most popular art movements in the early 20th century. In Germany alone, there were over 200 Expressionist painters. An analogy that may help you understand Expressionism is like putting on a play. In Expressionism, the artist is the director, the colors and lines are the actors, and the painting is the stage. Fun Fact: Expressionism was seen as a form of rebellion against traditional art styles. It was seen as a way for artists to express their feelings in a time when it was not socially acceptable to do so.