What are pigeons


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What are pigeons
Pigeons, or “flying rats” as some would call them, are one of the most common birds in the world. They’re known for their annoying cooing and pooping habits, which have become so notorious that the phrase “dove in the window” has become synonymous with a dirty home. But despite their reputation, pigeons have been long used for a variety of purposes, from delivering messages in war time to being used as a food source. In fact, the pigeon is one of the oldest domesticated bird species in the world. When it comes to physical traits, pigeons have a medium build, with a wingspan ranging from 25-30 cm. They typically weigh between 300-400g, and have gray or white feathers. They are known for their acute vision, and can even detect ultraviolet light. Pigeons are highly intelligent creatures, with a remarkable ability to find their way back to their home, even if they are released hundreds of miles away. This is known as homing instinct, and is due to their ability to recognize environmental cues, such as the Earth’s magnetic field. Fun fact: Pigeons have been known to recognize human faces and can even distinguish between different shapes and colors.