Walmart Greeters


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Walmart Greeters
Walmart Greeters are the official “welcoming committee” of Walmart stores. They stand at the entrance, smiling and offering a friendly “hello” to anyone who enters the store. Sure, it seems like a nice enough job, but it’s actually a pretty low-paying one. The average pay for a Walmart Greeter is just $8.54 an hour. Plus, it’s not exactly a fulfilling job – all you do is stand around, smile, and say “Hi!” Plus, the job is becoming obsolete – Walmart recently announced they are doing away with the role of Walmart Greeter in many stores and replacing it with the “Customer Host” role, which requires more customer service skills and pays a bit more. Fun fact: The world’s first Walmart Greeter was a 91-year-old man named Jimmy Wayne Gilliam, who worked as a Walmart Greeter for over 18 years!