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Walmart Greeters
Walmart Greeters are customer service associates who welcome Walmart shoppers, answer questions, help direct customers to the proper location in the store, and provide other assistance. They are the first line of customer service that shoppers encounter when they enter a Walmart store. Walmart Greeters have been around since 1980 when Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, implemented the role as part of his customer-centric philosophy. The role of Walmart Greeter has evolved over the years. Today, Walmart Greeters are tasked with providing a positive customer experience and helping to ensure that the store is safe and secure. They may also offer additional assistance such as helping customers find items in the store or showing them how to use the self-checkout kiosks. Walmart employs over 200,000 Greeters across the United States. A recent survey found that 95% of customers rated their experience with a Walmart Greeter as positive. Fun Fact: Sam Walton’s original idea for the role of Walmart Greeter was to have a live band playing music at the entrance of the store!