Walmart Greeters


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Walmart Greeters
Walmart Greeters are customer service associates who welcome customers and provide assistance as they enter the store. They are typically positioned at the entrance of a store, and they ensure that customers receive a positive first impression. According to the Walmart website, greeters help customers find what they are looking for, provide cart assistance, and answer questions. Greeters work on a part-time, hourly basis, and they are generally expected to be outgoing, friendly, and helpful. Walmart Greeters may also help remind customers of store policies and promotions, as well as assist with returns and exchanges. Walmart has employed Greeters since 1980, when the first Walmart Greeter, Lawrence, was hired in Arkansas. In 2014, Walmart employed over 15,000 Greeters at stores around the world. Fun Fact: In 2013, a Walmart Greeter in Canada was given the title of Walmart’s “Global Greeter of the Year” for going above and beyond the call of duty to help customers.