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Walmart Greeters
Walmart greeters are employees of Walmart who are stationed at the front entrance of the store and serve as the first point of contact for customers. Their main job is to greet customers as they enter the store, and to provide a friendly, helpful presence to customers as they shop. Walmart greeters also help direct customers to the correct department in the store and answer any questions customers may have. Greeters at Walmart can also help keep the store safe and secure by watching for shoplifters and other suspicious activity. Walmart greeters may also help customers with bringing their items to their cars, and other small tasks. Walmart greeters are a vital part of the customer experience at Walmart. Recent statistics show that in 2015, Walmart had over 1.2 million greeters in the United States alone. An analogy to help explain Walmart greeters is that they are like the hosts of a party. They are the first people guests meet when they arrive, and they help direct people to the correct areas, answer any questions, and help keep the party safe and secure. Fun Fact: Walmart greeters have been employed by the company since 1980.