Walmart Greeters


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Walmart Greeters
Walmart Greeters are people who work at Walmart stores and whose job is to welcome customers as they enter the store. They greet customers, help them find items, and offer assistance throughout their shopping experience. For example, a Walmart Greeter might greet customers as they come into the store, ask if they need help finding anything, and guide them to the right department. They might also offer coupons or store discounts to customers. Walmart Greeters typically have a friendly and outgoing personality, and they often have a lot of knowledge about the store and what products are available. They can also help customers with returns and other customer service issues. There are over 11,000 Walmart Greeters in the United States. Walmart Greeters often become well-known in their communities and can be seen as a symbol of the store’s commitment to customer service. An analogy for Walmart Greeters would be like a hotel concierge. Just like a hotel concierge, Walmart Greeters help customers find what they need and offer assistance throughout their shopping experience. Fun fact: The first Walmart Greeter was hired in 1980 at the store in Winter Haven, Florida.