trading candlestick


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trading candlestick
Trading candlesticks is a way of visualizing stock prices. It’s like a graph that shows you whether a stock is going up or down. The candlesticks are made up of a “body” and two “wicks.” The body of the candlestick is either white or black, and it represents the opening and closing price of the stock. The wicks tell you the highest and lowest price that the stock reached during the time period. For example, if the stock started the day at $10 and ended the day at $15, the body of the candlestick would be white and would span from $10 to $15. The wicks would tell you how high or low the stock went during the day, like if it hit $12 at one point and then $17 at another point. Statistics and analogies can help you understand trading candlesticks. For example, if the stock went up for three days in a row and the candlesticks were all green (or white), then you would know that the stock is going up in value. It’s like a light on a traffic signal going from red to yellow to green. Fun fact: Candlestick charts are believed to have been invented by a Japanese rice trader in the 1700s!