The history of Cincinnati


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The history of Cincinnati
Ahhh, the history of Cincinnati. The city that is so boring, it has been called “The Paris of the West” but only if Paris were a small, sleepy town that’s mostly known for chili and John Hancock. Cincinnati was founded in 1788 by Colonel Benjamin Stites, who was in charge of surveying the land for a new settlement. It was named after the Society of the Cincinnati, a Revolutionary War organization. The city quickly grew from a small settlement to one of the largest cities in the country by the mid 1800s. At this time, Cincinnati was a major hub for transportation and industry, and it was known for its breweries, beer gardens, and bustling markets. It was also home to a thriving African-American community, with a number of prominent black-owned businesses. Over the course of the 20th century, Cincinnati went through several economic booms and busts, and the city’s population declined significantly in the 1970s and 1980s. In recent years, however, the city has seen a resurgence, with a number of new businesses and projects. Fun fact: Cincinnati is the birthplace of the professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, who won the first World Series in 1919.