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Testy is a colloquialism used to describe someone who is easily irritable or ready to argue. It’s often used to describe someone who responds to simple questions with a sharp, impatient attitude. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, nearly 30% of people say they are “testy” at least once a day. This type of behavior often arises when we feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed by the demands of our daily lives. Think of someone who snaps at their partner when they’re asked to pick up the groceries, or a student who is quick to argue with a teacher. It’s important to note that there are people who are chronically testy, meaning they display this behavior more than others. Studies have found that these people are more likely to struggle with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Here’s a fun fact: the word “testy” likely comes from the Old English word “test” which means “to examine.” It can be used to describe someone who is always on the defensive, as if they are constantly being tested.