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Termowizja is a type of imaging technology that uses thermal radiation to create an image of the object being analyzed. Thermal radiation is the energy emitted from an object due to its temperature. This type of infrared technology is used to detect, diagnose and monitor a variety of objects and conditions. Termowizja can be used in a variety of ways, such as to detect heat loss in buildings, diagnose electrical faults on vehicles, and to detect changes in vegetation or temperature. It is also used in medical imaging and in security applications such as night vision, border patrol, and to detect intruders. For example, termowizja can be used to detect the temperature of objects in the dark. This can be used to detect hot and cold spots in buildings to identify areas of heat loss, or to detect a person in the dark by their body heat. Termowizja is also used in medical imaging, such as thermography. Thermography uses thermal imaging to detect and diagnose diseases and injuries, such as cancer and musculoskeletal disorders. Fun fact: Termowizja technology was used in the Apollo 15 mission to the moon to detect moonquakes and other seismic activities.