Teoria das cordas


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Teoria das cordas
Teoria das cordas (String Theory) is a theory in physics that states that all of the particles in the universe are made up of tiny vibrating strings. It proposes that these strings exist in nine dimensions of space, and that the different vibration patterns of these strings correspond to the different particles we observe in nature. This theory is a way of unifying the two main theories in physics, quantum mechanics and general relativity, into one consistent theory. An analogy for this concept would be a guitar. A guitar has six strings of different thicknesses and tensions, and when plucked, each string creates a different note. In the same way, the strings of String Theory create the different particles we observe in our universe. String Theory also has implications for the origin of our universe. According to the theory, the universe was created from the collision of two 10-dimensional membranes, or “branes”. This collision created the energy and matter that makes up our universe, and the different strings vibrate in the extra dimensions left over from the collision to create the particles we observe. A fun fact about String Theory is that it has been around since the late 1960s, but only became widely accepted in the physics community in the late 1990s.