teoria da relatividade


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teoria da relatividade
The theory of relativity is a scientific idea that explains how things move and how time passes. It was proposed by Albert Einstein in the early 1900s and is one of the foundations of modern physics. The theory of relativity basically says that time and space are connected in a way that can change depending on where you are in the universe and how fast you are moving. For example, if you are on a train that is moving very quickly, time will pass more slowly for you than it will for the people who are not on the train. This means that if you are on a train that is going really fast, you could age less than a person who is not on the train! Another way to think about the theory of relativity is to imagine two cars going down the highway at different speeds. Let’s say one car is going 60 miles an hour and the other is going 90 miles an hour. From the perspective of the car going 90 miles an hour, the car going 60 miles an hour looks like it’s going slower than it actually is. The theory of relativity is also used to explain why objects with a lot of mass (like stars and planets) can bend space-time. This means that objects with a lot of mass can actually cause time and space to bend and warp around them. Fun fact: The theory of relativity was actually the first scientific theory to ever be tested in space!