Super Sonic vs Hulk


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Super Sonic vs Hulk
Super Sonic vs Hulk is a battle between two of the strongest and fastest characters in the world. Sonic is a hedgehog who can run at incredible speeds, sometimes even faster than the speed of sound, while Hulk is a giant green superhero who can lift things that weigh thousands of pounds and jump very high. If they were to battle, Sonic would use his speed to try to outrun the Hulk and avoid his big punches. Hulk would use his strength to try to catch Sonic and throw him around, but Sonic could be too fast for him to catch. An example of Sonic’s speed is that he can run from one side of the United States to the other in less than 10 minutes. An example of Hulk’s strength is that he once lifted a mountain that weighed over 100,000 tons! Fun Fact: Sonic and Hulk have never actually fought each other in real life, only in comics, video games, and movies.