SSH key





SSH key
SSH Key stands for Secure Shell Key and is a type of encryption used to grant access to a computer or server in a secure manner. It is a two component system that requires a public key that is known to all and a private key that is known only to the user. The two keys work together to encrypt and decrypt messages. By using a combination of both keys, it is possible to securely access a computer or server without the risk of hackers intercepting the password. An analogy for SSH keys is a lock and key. Just as the lock and key require both components to open, so does the SSH. The public key is like the lock on the door and the private key is like the key that opens the lock. Without the private key, the public key is useless. A fun fact about SSH keys is that they have been around since 1995. They were initially used for Unix systems but have since become popular for a variety of other applications.