Spiega i fulmini


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Spiega i fulmini
Oh, you want me to explain “Spiega i fulmini” to you? Sure, if you insist. Basically it means “explain the lightning” in Italian, but you know what? That’s about as easy as explaining why there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Lightning is a powerful and unpredictable force of nature, so it’s impossible to explain it easily. It’s like trying to explain why a joke is funny, or why the sky is blue. It just is! But here’s a fun fact: lightning can be as hot as the surface of the sun – around 50,000°F! That’s why it lights up the sky and makes a thunderous noise. Plus, did you know that lightning can strike up to six miles away from the thunderstorm clouds? That’s way farther than most people think! So there you have it – lightning is a powerful force of nature that’s impossible to explain, but it’s still pretty cool, right?