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Sami vs Michael
Sami vs Michael is a game where two people try to outsmart each other. Each person takes turns trying to outwit the other person by coming up with clever answers or solutions. It’s like a friendly competition, except the winner gets bragging rights. For example, if Sami and Michael were playing the game, Sami could ask a question like, “What’s the best way to organize a closet?” Michael would then have to think of a clever answer to outdo Sami. Stats can also be used to play the game. For example, Sami and Michael could try to find the most efficient way of running a race by comparing their times, or they could research the best way to make a recipe. Analogies can also be used in the game. For example, Sami and Michael could explain why a certain solution works better by comparing it to something else, like saying that it’s like a car with a more efficient engine to get better gas mileage. Fun Fact: Sami vs Michael is the name of an old board game from the 1980s. It was designed by game designer Sid Sackson and was released by Parker Brothers.