Roles of learner in CBI


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Roles of learner in CBI
In CBI, learners have important roles to play. They need to be active participants in their learning process. This means they should ask questions, seek clarification, and try to understand the material being taught. For example, in a science class, a learner might ask the teacher to show an experiment again if they didn’t understand it the first time. They could also do extra research on the topic to deepen their understanding. One verifiable fact is that research has shown that students who actively engage in their learning process tend to have better academic outcomes. This means that learners who take on their role seriously are more likely to succeed in their studies. To understand this better, think of yourself as a detective trying to solve a mystery. You need to ask the right questions, gather clues, and piece together the information to find the answers. In the same way, learners in CBI need to be active detectives in their learning journey.