Really Dumb



Rizz is a slang term for someone who is really cool and is respected by their peers. It is often used to describe someone who is popular, confident, and has a strong sense of style. An example of someone who could be considered a “rizz” is a famous movie star, athlete, or musician. These people are usually well-known and admired by others for their talents and accomplishments. Statistics show that people who are considered “rizz” tend to have higher-than-average self-esteem and confidence. They also tend to have more friends and be more successful in their careers. An analogy to help understand the term “rizz” would be a bright star in the night sky that stands out from the other stars. It is the one that we notice first, and it is admired for its beauty and brilliance. Fun fact: The term “rizz” can also be used to describe someone who is really good at video games or sports.