Really Dumb



Relativity is a scientific theory first proposed by Albert Einstein. It explains how space and time are related to each other, and how they affect the way objects move. It also explains how gravity works. Here’s an example: Imagine you are standing still and a car drives by you. The car looks like it’s going very quickly, but if you were actually inside the car, it would feel like you were standing still and the world around you was moving. This is because of relativity – the speed of the car is relative to where you are standing. Here’s another example: If you were standing on the surface of the Earth, you would feel the pull of gravity on your body. But if you were in space, you wouldn’t feel it at all. That’s because gravity is also relative – it only affects objects that are close to each other. A fun fact about relativity is that it was first proposed by Albert Einstein when he was only 26 years old!