reaction papers Filipino American vs Japanese war


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reaction papers Filipino American vs Japanese war
A reaction paper Filipino American vs Japanese war is a type of paper that discusses the differences between the Filipino-American experience of World War II and the Japanese experience of the same war. For example, while the Japanese were the main aggressors in the war, the Filipino-Americans were seen as allies of the United States and fought alongside them. In addition, the Filipino-Americans faced discrimination and racism, while the Japanese were seen as an enemy. An analogy that could help you understand this better is to imagine two teams playing a game of basketball. While the Japanese were like the team with home-court advantage, the Filipino-Americans were like the underdog team. In terms of stats, the Filipino-Americans suffered more casualties than the Japanese did. Over 15,000 Filipino-Americans were killed in the war, while the Japanese suffered around 1.2 million deaths. Fun fact: The Filipino-American soldiers of World War II were not officially recognized as US veterans until 1990, when a bill was passed in Congress to give them the same benefits as other US veterans.