que es CCOO


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que es CCOO
CCOO stands for Comisiones Obreras, which is a labor union in Spain. Think of it like a club for workers. It helps workers to have a voice in the workplace and to make sure their rights are respected. They fight for fair wages and make sure workers get their vacation days and other benefits. For example, CCOO recently helped workers in Spain get a 4% wage increase. They also help workers who are in dangerous or unhealthy conditions at work. They work to make sure the workplace is safe and that the workers are treated fairly by their bosses. An analogy to help you understand how CCOO works is like a parent advocating for their child. Just like a parent speaks up for their child in school, CCOO speaks up for workers in the workplace. Fun fact: CCOO has over 3 million members in Spain, making it the largest labor union in the country.