Quantum Mechanics


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Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics is an area of science that studies the behavior of very small particles, like atoms and electrons. It explains how these particles interact with one another and how they can be used to create and power technology. A helpful analogy to explain Quantum Mechanics is to think of it like a game of basketball. Just like in basketball, particles can move around and interact with each other. For example, if a particle is shot from one side of the court, it could collide with another and cause it to move in a different direction. Quantum Mechanics is also used to explain why some materials are stronger and more durable than others. This is because the particles in stronger materials are able to interact in a way that makes them stick together better. Fun Fact: Quantum Mechanics has been used to explain why some materials are able to conduct electricity better than others. It has also been used to create new types of materials that can be used in computers and other technology.