Really Dumb



A quantum computer is a type of computer that uses the power of subatomic particles to do calculations and solve problems. It can solve certain problems much faster and more efficiently than traditional computers. For example, a quantum computer could solve a problem that would take a traditional computer billions of years in just a few seconds. To understand this better, let’s use an analogy. Traditional computers are like a regular calculator, which can only add, subtract, multiply, and divide. A quantum computer is like a supercalculator which can do much more complex calculations, like solving an equation with millions of variables. Quantum computers use the laws of quantum mechanics to store and process information. This means they use tiny subatomic particles, like electrons and photons, instead of the traditional transistors used in traditional computers. Fun Fact: A quantum computer called D-Wave 2X has over 1,000 qubits and can solve a problem in ten microseconds that would take a traditional computer 10,000 years to solve.