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property management
Property management is like being a landlord. It means you are responsible for taking care of a piece of property, like a house or an apartment building. You would have to make sure it looks nice, like painting the walls and cleaning the carpets. You would also be in charge of finding people to rent the property, like finding people to live in the house or apartment building. You would also be responsible for collecting rent money and making sure that everyone is following the rules. For example, if you were managing a house, you might make sure that the tenants don’t make too much noise, that they don’t damage the property, and that they keep it clean. It can be a lot of work, but it can also be rewarding. Property management is a $76 billion dollar industry in the United States. That means people all around the country are making money by managing property. It’s kind of like being the boss of a business. You have to take care of things and make sure everyone is doing their job. Fun fact: A property manager in Hawaii was able to find a lost cat and reunite it with its owner after it had been missing for three weeks!