proc contents in sas with examples


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proc contents in sas with examples
Proc Contents in SAS is a procedure that allows you to look inside a SAS dataset and see what is contained in the dataset. SAS datasets are like boxes that contain data and information. Proc Contents lets you peek inside the box and see what is in the dataset. For example, if you were to open a SAS dataset, you can use Proc Contents to see how many variables the dataset contains, what type of variables they are (such as character, numeric, or date/time), how many observations the dataset includes, and other information about the dataset. Using Proc Contents can be like opening a box of chocolates. Inside that box of chocolates, you can see how many chocolates there are, what types of chocolates are inside (like caramels or truffles), and other information about the box. Fun Fact: The PROC CONTENTS procedure was first introduced in SAS version 6.07 in 1995.