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pantone colors
Pantone colors are a standardized system of colors that are used in the printing industry. They are used to ensure that the colors on a printed page look the same regardless of the type of printer used, or the type of inks used. Pantone colors are represented by a six-digit code, with the first two digits representing the hue (red, yellow, green, etc.), and the last four digits representing the shade. For example, the code “19-1664” would be a bright red hue. When a designer is working on a project, they will often use the Pantone color system to make sure that the colors they use will appear the same on the printed page as they do on the computer screen. This is important because different types of printers use different inks and may not be able to replicate the exact colors. By using the Pantone color system, designers can be sure that their colors will come out looking the same on the printed page. Analogies can help to explain the concept of Pantone colors. For example, you can think of them as a recipe for baking a cake. Just as you need a specific combination of ingredients to make a cake, you need a specific combination of colors to match the Pantone color. Fun fact: Pantone colors are widely used in the fashion industry to ensure that the colors used in clothing and accessories will look the same across different fabrics and materials.