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osi model
The OSI Model is like a blueprint for how information is sent from one place to another on the Internet. It is like a cake with seven layers. The first layer is the physical layer. This is the wires and cables that are used to connect computers and other devices. The second layer is the data link layer. This is how computers communicate with each other, like how two friends might talk to each other. The third layer is the network layer. This is like a map that shows how the computers are connected and how information can get from one place to another. The fourth layer is the transport layer. This is like a truck that carries the information from one place to another. The fifth layer is the session layer. This is like a phone call that keeps the conversation going between two computers. The sixth layer is the presentation layer. This is like a translator that can make sure that the information is understood by both computers. The seventh layer is the application layer. This is like a program that can make sure the information is used in the right way. Fun Fact! The OSI Model was created by the International Organization for Standardization in 1984.