object oriented programming in java


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object oriented programming in java
Object oriented programming in Java is like playing with building blocks. Each block is like a different object that has its own unique features and can be combined with other blocks to create something new. For example, let’s say you have a “car” object that has properties like color, model, and speed. You can create multiple instances of the “car” object with different values for these properties, just like how you can build different cars with different colors and models using building blocks. One verifiable fact about Java is that it is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, used by millions of developers to create all kinds of software applications. In object oriented programming in Java, you can also create relationships between objects, such as a “driver” object interacting with a “car” object. This allows you to simulate real-world scenarios and create more complex and interactive programs. Overall, object oriented programming in Java is a way of organizing and structuring your code in a way that makes it easier to manage and understand, just like how you would organize and build with building blocks to create something amazing.