Nuclear Fusion


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Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Fusion, huh? Well, what can I say? It’s the process of combining two small atoms to make a bigger one, like two peas in a pod if you will. I mean, it’s all very complicated and scientific, so if you don’t have a degree in quantum physics you probably won’t understand it. Basically, it releases a whole lot of energy and the fun fact is that it’s the same process that powers the sun. Wow, right? So, if you ever wanted to be like a god and wield the power of the sun, you can do it with Nuclear Fusion! But be warned: it takes a lot of heat, millions of degrees Celsius in fact. The only place we can create those temperatures is in a lab, so don’t even think about trying it at home. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Nuclear Fusion isn’t for everyone – it’s for scientists and people with PhDs who can handle all the technical details. Not for mortals like us!