Monster house movie plot in 1800 words


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Monster house movie plot in 1800 words
Monster House is a 2006 animated movie about three kids who discover a mysterious house on their street that is actually alive and dangerous. DJ, Chowder, and Jenny team up to figure out why the house is so creepy and they soon discover that it’s actually a monster – a living, breathing monster! The movie follows the trio as they try to figure out how to stop the monster house and keep their neighborhood safe. They quickly discover that the house is being controlled by an old man named Nebbercracker, who has been using the house to keep children away. The kids soon find out that the house is actually an evil spirit, made up of the souls of all the children who have ever lived in it. The trio team up with a cranky old woman named Constance, who helps them try to figure out how to defeat the monster house. After a few close calls, they eventually figure out how to break the monster house’s spell and save their neighborhood. In the end, the kids learn an important lesson about the power of friendship and working together. The movie also has a strong environmental message, as the kids realize that they have a responsibility to protect their neighborhood. Fun Fact: Monster House was the first movie to be released in 3D, although it was not seen in 3D theatrically. The movie’s special effects were actually used to create the first 3D animated movie, which was released a year later.