Migration to data base


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Migration to data base
Migration to a database is like moving from one house to another. When you move, you take all of your belongings with you to your new home. In a migration to a database, you are taking all of your data (like information about people, animals, or things) and moving it to a new place where it is stored and organized. For example, if you had a list of all the people in your class and their birthdays, you could take that list and move it to a database. The database would make it easier to find the information you need and organize it in a way that makes sense. Migrating to a database can also help you save time and money. Since the information is organized and easy to find, you can look up things quickly and make sure that all of your data is accurate. Fun Fact: In 2020, over 70% of businesses migrated their data to a database to become more efficient.