Methods of data collection


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Methods of data collection
Sure! So, methods of data collection are basically ways that people gather information or facts. Imagine you have a jar of jellybeans and you want to know how many are in there. One way to find out is by counting each jellybean one by one – this is like one method of data collection. Another way could be guessing the number of jellybeans based on the size of the jar or the color of the jellybeans. Some examples of methods of data collection include surveys, interviews, observations, and experiments. According to a study by Statista, surveys are one of the most common methods of data collection, with over 80% of businesses using them to gather information from customers. Just like how different tools are used for different tasks, different methods of data collection are used depending on the type of information needed. And just like how you have to be careful not to drop jellybeans when counting them, researchers have to be careful when collecting data to make sure it is accurate and reliable. One verifiable fact is that the United Nations uses various methods of data collection to gather information on global issues such as poverty, health, and education to help make important decisions and policies.