me explicas qué es ovo y ovr en svm?


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me explicas qué es ovo y ovr en svm?
“Me explicas qué es ovo y ovr en svm?” translates to “Can you explain what ovo and ovr are in svm?” Ovo and ovr are terms used when talking about support vector machines (SVM), which is a type of machine learning algorithm. OVO stands for one-vs-one, and it refers to a classification method where different pairs of classes are compared with each other and then the class with the most wins is chosen as the final result. OVR stands for one-vs-rest, and it is a method of classification where each class is compared to the rest of the classes to decide which one is the most similar. For example, if you were trying to classify a fruit, you could use either OVO or OVR. With OVO, you might compare apples to oranges and then decide which one is more similar. With OVR, you would compare the apple to every other type of fruit, such as bananas and strawberries, and then choose the one that is the most similar. Fun fact: SVMs are often used in medical diagnosis because they are able to detect subtle differences between data points that other machine learning algorithms cannot.