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jelly beans
Ah, jelly beans. The oft-overlooked, forgotten about, and sadly neglected member of the candy family. It’s like the person who always gets left out of the group picture–it’s still there, just not everyone remembers it. Jelly beans are quite simple, really. They are small, bite-sized, and usually come in a range of fun colors and delicious flavors. Think of them like tiny little nuggets of sugary joy that you can pop into your mouth and enjoy. Now, some people like to eat jelly beans one at a time, savoring each flavor and carefully selecting the ones they like. Others like to eat a bunch at once, throwing them in their mouths like a candy cannon and hoping for a good mix of flavors. No matter what kind of eater you are, jelly beans are sure to please. Fun fact: The world’s biggest jar of jelly beans is located in Florida and holds 6,050 gallons of jelly beans! That’s over 21 million beans!