Really Dumb




Intelligence is like having a superpower in your brain that helps you learn new things, solve problems, and make good decisions. It’s like having a really smart robot inside your head that helps you figure out stuff and do things better. For example, if you’re good at math and can quickly solve problems like 2+2=4, that shows you have intelligence in that area. Or if you can remember a lot of information from a book you read, that’s another sign of intelligence. Did you know that the average IQ score is around 100? That means most people have a similar level of intelligence, but some people are even smarter (with higher IQ scores) and some people may struggle a bit more (with lower IQ scores). So, it’s important to remember that intelligence can come in all different levels and forms. Think of intelligence like a puzzle – some people might be really good at putting the pieces together quickly, while others might take a bit longer. But with practice and hard work, anyone can improve their intelligence and become better at learning and problem-solving.