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Innago is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that is used to help with decision making. It is a computer system that is programmed to learn from experience and analyze data to identify patterns and make predictions. For example, a company could use Innago to help decide which products to stock in their stores. It might look at past sales data and consumer preferences to determine which products would be most popular. AI is an important part of our lives today, and it can help people make better decisions in a variety of areas. For example, AI is used in healthcare to help diagnose illnesses and suggest treatments. It is also used in finance to help with investment decisions. An analogy for Innago is a personal assistant. Just like a personal assistant helps you make decisions, Innago helps companies make decisions. They both use data, research, and analysis to provide the best advice. Fun Fact: Innago was one of the first AI systems to be used in the retail industry.